The idea came after we went to mozambique last year, for SADC DIVERSITY TOUR IN MANICA i saw that as a good concept and made me think about what can be done to really build a true rainbow nation and diverseas we are if united we can indeed bring change to our beloved country and that will lead to the world at large. when we came back i was asking my self how can we start by removing the stereotype that we have among the different races we are having in our country.

while having this thought i met other people i shared with them my idea they loved it and thats where the concept bridges camp came up, to bring different races together to interact and remove the stereotype that they are having among each other.

we raced funds to make this camp a success and the camp was hosted in cullinan on the 06-11 jan 2014, we brought blacks,white and coloreds together to learn from each other so that they can indeed build a true rainbow nation,




FOUR days that was filled with learning and exchanging of ideas from young leaders of gauteng it all took place at Wits university, the reason for us been there was to learn about radio as radio is a powerful tool to reach out to large number of people.i really learned a lot in this four days we spent in WITS my love for media was unleashed there since it was long wanted to get this skills of radio and all what the facilitator was telling us to do i was just flowing because this was something in me i was going all out in short,we were taught interviewing skills,audio profile,audio commentary,audio debate,on location reporting and also how to make PSA(public service announcement) i really enjoyed myself there and all the skills that i acquired there i am willing to share them with anyone who want to know them. to me the four days was worth it.




This can sound as a biblical teaching but this just came after taking so much time with my self-reflecting about life and all that it throws along the path that i take in day to day basis and i thought i have to share with my FAMILY. most of the time out of fear i was unable to initiate things thinking what if this thing is going to fail, how is people going to respond to this and how different am i that i can make this to happen while others failed, after all this i saw that i was just fearful of something that i don’t know what it is basically after i hosted a successful top 4 match tournament that was well supported and everyone in that section is still talk about it, i know i am not alone in this. Thich Nhat Hanh so perfectly said, “People have a hard time letting go of their suffering.  Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.”

In many cases you stay stuck in your old routines for no other reason than that they are familiar to you.  In other words, you’re afraid of change and the unknown.  You continually put your dreams and goals off until tomorrow, and you pass on great opportunities simply because they have the potential to lead you out of your comfort zone.

You start using excuses to justify your lack of backbone:  “Someday when I have more money,” or “when I’m older,” or the over-abused “I’ll get to it as soon as I have more time.”  This is a vicious cycle that leads to a deeply unsatisfying life – a way of thinking that eventually sends you to your grave with immense regret.  Regret that you didn’t follow your heart.  

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.  Don’t ever hesitate to give yourself a chance to be everything you are capable of being.

Although fear can feel overwhelming, and defeats more people than any other force in the world, it’s not as powerful as it seems.  Fear is only as deep as your mind allows.  You are still in control.  The key is to acknowledge your fear and directly address it.  You must step right up and confront it face to face.

Don’t be fooled by what others say, especially when they try to tell you what is right for you.  Listen and then draw your own conclusions.  What is your intuition telling you?

There is not a clear path that everyone should follow.  Your greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding in life at all the wrong things.  Choose a path that fits YOU.  Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it.  Challenge yourself to ask with each and every step, and each focus point that consumes your energy: “Does this thing I’m doing right now truly serve me and those I care about in the next few minutes, few months, and few years?”

This is the questions that you can reflect on since they really helped me: What has fear stolen from you?  What has it stopped you from doing, being, or achieving?





The event was well supported the young lads really enjoyed themselves, it was the first kind of the event to be hosted in the section of extension 6 in mamelodi east. the parents of the players can to support and also enjoy themselves information was shared about were to go when people need to refer people for rehab and also about the services that different organisation in the community offer to the people it was a fun day.KICK THE STIGMA OUT WE MADE IT AND WE ARE STILL GOING TO DO MOOOOOORE





DATE:07 September 2013

VENUE: Mamelodi East (Hungry Lions Grounds)


Using sport to create awareness about drug abuse we are going to host a top 4 match tournament for the under 20 to create awareness about drug abuse. there will be local organisations on the touchline who also do awareness about drugs that will be giving people information about the services that their organisation are offering to the community since other organisation are there in the community but people don’t know what services they are offering.Everyone is welcome to come and be part as the saying goes when we are doing something for the community we have to be one, lets unite for change…